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Family Portraiture in Devon

18th February 2015

Welcome to my blog! 

This has been a long time coming, but now that it's up and running I look forward to posting recent images/short videos of my work and welcome any comments!  please also feel free to share with your friends and family :-) Watch out.. social media here I come...

So I spent the weekend with the Giles Family, and what a lovely weekend it was, we had lots of fun hanging out in their favourite locations down in Devon.  From the woods, to the beach, a costal path near Budleigh to their back yard filled with horses.  I wanted to capture them in nature (which is where they spend most of their weekends), using only available daylight, I just camouflaged myself into the background as they went for a walk on the beach and riding on their pony.  As you can see from the video even the dog joined in, attempting the horse jumps!

Thank you Nats, Spence, Grace, Etie and all the animals.. you were amazing! oh and not forgetting my wonderful assistant who filmed me for new publicity videos, I look forward to editing these and to share with you all.

Last but not least Good Luck to Nats on your gruelling 'Grizzly' 20 mile coastal run on the 1st March 2015, raising money for Brain Tumour research.  This is by far one of the hilliest coastal runs in the South West of the UK!!  Well done Nats in advance we know you'll smash it :-)  If you'd like to sponsor her you'll find the link below;-


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