Equine Portraiture Shoot out on the Field

Equine Portraiture

There is nothing more magical than the interaction between human and horse. Roaming the earth long before humans and fuelling society on every level, they have been working the fields, fearless warriors in battle to even gifts of Kings. Their alluring grace, beauty and agility make them not only the ultimate status symbol, but also vehicles of power.

Rebecca’s passion for horses started from a young age since her first Pony riding lesson at her local yard. Having moved to the North Downs in Surrey where horses pass her door daily, it was easy to see why she decided to combine this with her photography business. Being a rider meant that she could bring out the best of her clients with their horses, in a relaxed yet safe environment.

During her Photography degree Rebecca studied French Photographer/film director/journalist/environmentalist: Yann Arthus-Bertrand, and it was from here that her inspiration to bring back the old traditional backcloth derived from. The bespoke 24 ft x 17 ft canvas backcloth used for her shoots has been specifically made with rich, velvety, marble effect tones, that any horse would stand out in front of it. State-of-the-art lighting is also used within an indoor arena of choice, so not dependant upon the weather.

Reportage shoots are also available out on the field/at the yard or at your desired location. All sessions typically last up to 2 hours.

Although based in Surrey Rebecca travels all over the country for her clients.

Equine Photography

Fine Art

Rebecca can also be commissioned for her fine art photography. Blessed with living so close to Epsom Downs Racecourse means that those misty mornings of racehorses training along the track can easily be captured. Alternatively, if you’d like to invest in commissioned Fine Art Photography further afield, then please get in touch. Rebecca will be travelling all over the country and to Camargue in the coming months to produce some dramatic equine pieces.

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